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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
ID BY :icontigercaramelrecinos:

Hello, my name is CENSORED, but you can call me Kat, Kitkat, Kit, Katrena, or Assylum. Most people just call me Kat. I am a 16 year old girl living in my grandparent's basement with my mother. I live with 3 cats: Jack, Callie, and Sierra. Sadly I do not own a cat myself. I have a hamster named Peeta and lots of guppies, the adults are named after Pride and Prejudice characters!! I like to draw felines and other critters! I prefer a more cartoon style than a realistic one. I dable in Spanish. I am in my junior year at high school! I go to a rather small school that has Pre-K all the way to 12th grade! I want to go to a local college and study art education. That means I want to be an art teacher! I would prefer the high school level! you can try to start a conversation if you really want, but I am not exactly a social butterfly, so I may not respond. Sorry to say but the likelyhood of us becoming friends is very small. *pats your shoulder awkwardly* there there.



Name: Call me Kat, but my real name starts with an A
Gender: Female
Relationship Status: SOOO Single, but not willing to mingle
SO: Straight
Age: 16
Grade: 11th
Location: USA

Best Friends
:icontigercaramelrecinos: :icongwenthecatify: :iconsnugglebits: :iconnikki-kat: :icondianamond: :icontaka-hardt: :iconvortexeon: :iconthedarkknight0113:

DA Family!!! (still adding)

:iconvortexeon: My Epic Middle Sister (also stalker)
:iconthedarkknight0113: Zombie Loving cousin
:icongwenthecatify: Rat duodenum's older sister
:iconsnugglebits: secret duck bubble buddie
:iconnikki-kat: Super fabulous gay older sister
:icontaka-hardt: Tiger Elf Prince
As much as I love you, I do have a knife in my hand right now. You might wanna step back.

Moments of sadly being a human:

Early June 2014
My Grandma: What is awesomesauce and where do I get it?

Winter 2012
My Dad: *driving*
Stupid Bird: *flys right in front of car so we almost hit it*
Me: GAH! Stupid birds are stupid!!

June 13 2014
Me: *hiking with Dylan*
Something in Forest: *shuffle noises*
Dylan: FOREST! Calm down!
a few minutes later
Something in forest: *louder shuffle*
Dylan: DAMMIT FOREST! CALM YOURSELF DOWN!! *picks up rock, throws it*
Rock: *thump*
Dylan and Me: Well that didn't do anything

June 13 2014
Still hiking with Dylan
Dylan: Hey? What are these? *Points to two huge concrete pillars aside of trail*
Me: I don't know... There is nothing telling us, like the thing with the Lime Kiln.
Dylan: can you go inside?
Me: I don't think so.
Dylan: *Runs around behind them*
Me: *follows*
Dylan: *finds it is nothing but a big concrete block* Huh... *jumps onto piece of fallen concrete next to it to look and the top* Oh, there is something inside... sorta.
Me: *jumps up to and struggles to look inside (is short)* Yeah, that hollow.
Dylan: I wonder what it was a part of.... *turns around* Oh! Look another trail!!
Me: Dylan that's not part of the real trail...
Dylan: Doesn't that make it better?
Me: No, not with poison ivy all over.
Dylan: Oh that, I think I'm immune. Come on!
Me: Lovely for you, but I'm not. I've had it before and it sucks.
Dylan: It's a minor thing. *walks up the not trail trail*
Me: *stays behind*
Dylan: Welp *comes back* there is nothing back there
Me: Ha! Told' ya.
Dylan: I bet you the next group that was behind us are going to go there.
Me: Why? You can't even see it from the trail...
Dylan: Fine
Me: resting with Dylan on a bench.
Dylan: *looking at phone* Dammit! Brandon don' broke the panda bear! He don' fucked up.
Me: *laughs* Hey that family still hasn't caught up, and we've been here a while.
Dylan: They dead.
Me: Yup. *finds bug on shirt* GASP!
Dylan: What?
Me: *lets beetle crawl on hand* He's so cute!! I shall call him Philburt!!!
Philburt: *crawls all over my hand*
Me: Hi Philburt! How are you doing? I just love the color of your back!
Dylan: You're talking to a bug...
Me: Yup!!
Dylan: You're a little weird you know that?

Texting on August 1, 2014
Me: Oh, another storm!! Don't accidentally piss yourself!! Get inside!!
Banana: Haha, I'm not in *insert le town we live in* I'm in *insert bigger town about 20min away*lol
Me: AAWWWWWWWWW, but Bananaka!!!
Banana: I know!! Blow it this way.
Me: Haaaaapphheeewwwww hhaaaapppphheewww, its not working!!!! D:
Banana: Awee :(
Me: Here, ill let you know what happens! There is thunder rumbling right now. It stopped now. Its raining a little. Or should I go more in depth??
The scarlet pelt of a small squirrel darts quickly across the pale grey of the driveway, and a chaotic wind sweeps through the old branches of a sturdy crimson maple, releasing thousands of beads of water to fall down every leaf it can on its frenzied path to collide with the ground. There it will be soaked up and forgotten along with the broken dreams of millions.
Banana: Wow. Much depth. Wow. I can't even.


Hey guys, just popped in to tell you I do not have a computer still and I will probably not be able to get one for a very long time... The only way I am able to type this is because I stopped in at a library. 
Please forgive me guys, and I am sorry that I can't afford a computer. I have been very artly productive on paper these past few months, but obviously i cannot post anything or keep up with RPs. I can't even try using my phone to answer messages, because my phone doesn't have data. I got a cheap shitty phone with a slide out key board. 
Again I am very very sorry. 

Please, please, please forgive me. 
I probably won't be able to buy a computer for a while longer than I though because we had to take my grandfather to the emergency and that took a decent chunk of change out of my college fund. Oh well.... 
  • Mood: Hopeless
  • Listening to: Nothing
  • Reading: nothing
  • Watching: i have no clue
  • Playing: with my toes
  • Eating: the sky
  • Drinking: agua
As you may have noticed I have suddenly become inactive. My little old computer that was already having issues has officially died. So seeing as how I am really poor I highly doubt I will be able to get a computer for at least 5 months. I guess I just have to hope I find a way to make 700 bucks.

I am typing this a my mom's computer and she is not a happy camper about me using it for any reason, especially if it's not school involved. So please, bare with me in this horrid time...

If all else fails I know I will have to have a new computer by September, because if I didn't would probably fail my senior year with all the classes I plan on taking.

SO wish me good luck on my persuit of a computer or money to get one. Hopefully my dad will actually care that I am cumputerless and almost all my classes want me to do things on Google Docs. 

Until then, I wish you all well and hope you have a great year!! 
  • Mood: Hopeless
  • Listening to: Nothing
  • Reading: nothing
  • Watching: i have no clue
  • Playing: with my toes
  • Eating: the sky
  • Drinking: agua
Fursona meme by kitkatcolorful
Fursona meme
Good god what the hell is this.........
SO smexieh

1. Open Google Images
2. Type in your characters species, use the first or second image as the FACE
3. Type in your characters body weight OR type, use the first or second image as the BODY
4. Type in your characters hair color, use the first or second image as the HAIR
5. Type in ONE defining features (scar, wings etc) and use the first or second as desired/needed
6. FINALLY Google a place your character would live, use the first or second image as the BACKGROUND

Saw some others do it so I gave it a try....
I cheated a little, not he FIRST picture, but usually top row
Glowin' on the beach by kitkatcolorful
Glowin' on the beach
Because titles are overrated...
Griff got a cool new guy, and I wanted to draw them. I looked at the comments and a lot of people said it was like glowing plasma. So I made him glow... totally normal

Art by :iconkitkatcolorful:
Character belongs to :icongriffsnuff:

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Sorry your hypos are taking so long, but hey I haven't forgotten about you~
kitkatcolorful Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's fine I ordered a lot. I understand :3 
TheInsaneMadHouseXwX Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2015   Artist
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Hmm my prices are here

Basic feral drawing
Lines- 4                     adding character +1
with color- 6              adding character +2
Basic shading- 7         adding character +3
Complex shading- 9   adding character +5
Simple paint background +5
Complex Paint background +8
Really complex paint back ground +15
Simple GIMP background +6
Complex GIMP background +10
Really complex GIMP background +25

But, since I like to say I will do things, and then I don't so if you want I can work on them once you tell me what you want and I will have you pay me when I finish :)
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